Parish Town Historical Society

P.O. Box  145

Parish, New York      13131



     The Parish Town Historical Society shared an afternoon on a Pleasant Lawn Cemetery Walk on Saturday, October 13. The life and times of four people buried in the cemetery were portrayed by Linda McNamara, Nancy Bookheimer, Evelyn Stelmashuck, and Steve Stelmashuck in their own words.

Text Box: as Minnie Niles
Nancy Weaver BookheimerLinda McNamaraStephen J StelmashuckEvelyn Stelmashuck


Text Box: listening to the judge
Text Box:  Judge Preston L Barney                               Bell Stagner
Kevin DwyerBill McNamaraNancy Weaver BookheimerLinda McNamaraStephen StelmashuckMary Lou Miller GuindonPaul PhillipsKay Perry Perham