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Parish Town Historical Society Enjoys Hearing About Cleveland Glass Factories.

 Mr. Jack Cottet was the guest speaker at the April 12th meeting of the Parish Town Historical Society.  The group enjoyed hearing the story of the rise and fall of the glass factories in Cleveland , NY .  Mr. Cottet  presented his extensive research he  compiled over the years on the Cleveland Glass Factories.  Jack and his wife Andy brought many articles to display that they have gathered over the years, they also shared personal stories from families that worked at or in some way were associated with the glass industry.  At one time the Cleveland Glass Factory was the largest producer of window glass in the United States . 

 An interesting side bar to the evening was our own Rose Henderson donated a large chunk of glass to the Historical Society, she found in her house upon moving in, in 1935.  Cheryl Stooks brought a decorative piece of glass that once belonged to her great-grandfather who worked in the glass factory.  

The Parish Town Historical Society wishes to thank:  Mr. and Mrs. Cottet for speaking to the group; Mrs. Rose Henderson for historic donation; and, for all those that attended the event. 

 Refreshments were served at the end of the presentation and the group had a chance to visit with the Cottet’s.  The presentation and the photos will be in the Reference section at the Parish Public Library.