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Parish Cemetery Census

Pleasant Lawn and Dutch Hill Cemeteries are active,

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Bidwell Cemetery

     is located on the east side of Bidwell Road, between County Route 26 and Kipp Road.  This small cemetery about 215' x 125' in dimension, was begun about 1830.  It has an active cemetery association.


Dutch Hill Cemetery

     is situated on the east side of Dutch Hill Road between Voorhees Road and State Route 69.  This cemetery is 225' x 165'.  It was established about 1850.   The cemetery drive is lined on each side by a row of ancient maple trees.


Getman Cemetery

    is found on the north side of County Route 26 between Happy Valley Road and Stone Hill Road.  In 1867 the Getman family farm situated just east of the cemetery at the corner of what is today County Route 26 and Stone Hill Road.  This cemetery was founded about 1870.


Merrit Corner Cemetery

     is located on the north side of Voorhees Road between Shetler Road and Chapman Road.  The dimensions of this cemetery are 125' x 90'.  Established about 1830, most of these headstones are field stones fixed in ground with no writing on them.  The Merritt family farm in 1867 was situated on the northeast corner of what is today Voorhees and Chapman Roads.


Mitchell Cemetery

     is located on the west side of County Route 26 between the Amboy town line and Dutch Hill Road.  The dimensions of this cemetery are 149' x 218'.  The cemetery is situated at the site of the Mitchell family farm.  It is several hundred feet off what today is County Route 26.

Parish Center Cemetery

     is the smallest cemetery, with approximately five internments.  It was founded in 1850.  It is located on the east side of county Route 22 between State Route 69 and County Route 26.


Pleasant Lawn Cemetery  (partial listing)   wickipedia

     the largest of the cemeteries of Parish, is located on the west side of South Railroad Street in the village between Woodview Drive and the village limit.  The cemetery covers approximately eleven acres and has hundreds of interments.  The cemetery was established in 1806 and has an active cemetery association.  Pleasant Lawn is also the site of the Mills and Petrie Chapel and the Mills and Petrie mausoleum.

     The chapel is a brick rectangular structure, with a step-parapet roof line, slate roof, attached buttresses, and is Tudor Gothic in style.  Inside, there are oak hardwood floors, white plaster walls, a ceiling of narrow wainscoting, with four sets of trusses to secure the roof and sidewalls.  There are stained glass windows and an organ manufactured by the Beckwith Organ Company of Chicago.  The chapel was completed in 1917.

    The Mills and Petrie Mausoleum is a gray marble structure with a pair of marble doors.  There are six interior vaults and a rear west wall stained glass window portrait of Jesus.  It is the final resting place of Parish philanthropists, Nathan Petrie and Samuel Mills, and their wives.  It was completed in 1899.


Wrightson Cemetery

     is located on State Route 69 between Ellis Carr Drive and County Route 22.  The cemetery was founded in 1850.  It is situated back from the road, on top of a prominent hill and it lies about one quarter mile north of State Route 69.